• Dorothy Hayes

When I Learned To Let Go

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I love almost every genre of music out there. I am grateful for the gifts that have been planted in these amazing and extraordinary people. One of my favorite singers is the exceptionally gifted neo soul singer Erykah Badu. She has this song called Bag Lady (see it on the playlist for this week). I believe this song represents all of us. Some of the lyric are; “Bag lady you goin' hurt yo back…Draggin' all 'em bags like that…I guess nobody ever told you…All you must hold on to is you… One day all 'em bag goin' get in your way…so pack lite.”

Have you ever felt so excited about your future, but cannot seem to let go of the past? What about those present thoughts and behaviors that are not congruent with the dreams and plans that you have for your future? What an exasperating feeling! Have you ever had those moments where you just cannot seem to shake the feelings that are causing you keep swinging at the piñata, without a blindfold, but not dice? This can drive any person completely mad!

I believe that most of our underlining stress is caused be our inability to let go. Anthropoids (Ha! I like that) or humans have a dogged tendency to hold on to the very things that are tearing us apart inside. That thingamajig we imagine will be like the “glow stick of destiny” that will rid us of all of our problem sudden complicates our lives to no end. We cannot move on to all of the amazing things that are waiting out there for us if we are emotionally tied to past or present anger, guilt, disappointment, the appearance of love, or any other toxic feelings. We say things like, “if I just hold on, he or she will change their feelings for me” or “if I just wait one more year, the job, money and people will get better.” If any of this is your present situation, how’s that working out for you? Whether or not you can see or “feel” it at this moment is ok…one step at a time is the healthiest strategy. The awareness of the problem is the first step in the right direction for a new beginning.

How do we let go and stop holding on to imaginations?

We have to recognize that there is nothing there to hold on to. Most of the things we so desperately holding on to really do not exist. Although these emotions feel “real”, they are ever shifting, short-lived imaginings of the mind. But what is truly real… is you. So hold on to you! You are a carbon copy of goodness, kindness, peace, and love. Therefore, hold on to you.

And no, it's not easy. One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. This is an ever-changing world and so are we. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. Letting go of toxic imaginations it the healthiest path to a new day. Letting go unblocks the road and corrects the course, making the path to the present and future certain.

What appears to be good and familiar is not always the case. So let go of all of those bags…pack lite …you have places to go and a great destiny to fulfill!



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