• Dorothy Hayes

We Are Women

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I am proud to be a woman, a sister to other women, a mother to another mom’s babies, a mentor to the ones who will take my place someday, and to have been an airman in the United States Air Force serving my country alongside many amazing women in all branches of the Armed Forces. I do not pretend to truly understand why we are going through so much at a time such as this. But what I do know is that I am like many of you saddened, stunned, frustrated, and tired. We can take it to the streets all day long, but if we do not take advantage of our most powerful and precious rights, only one of which is our right to vote, what a great disservice to those who gave so much.

Not only is our country at a crossroads, so is our world. We are a nation of proven resilience! When I think about the first three words of the Constitution, “We the people …” for me, it means that we are the boss! The power of the people is professed right here. I love the way Virginia Prodan declares this, “But I noticed that America was changing. Some people do not value the freedom they have in America. There is a spiritual battle for the heart and the soul of our nation. And the battle is heating up.” Freedom is so precious to those who do not have it. When we take our stand during this particularly crucial election season and beyond, we are declaring a deep love and respect for the principles and values for which this nation’s formation was intended... EQUALITY FOR ALL PEOPLE.

With a loud voice, I call all of us to action: Get on your soapbox with your girlfriends your daughters and any person that is of voting age and make sure they are registered to vote and a plan to ensure that vote is cast. As women we must act as leaders for the lead and lead those who are the most important to us. But also those we have never met and probably will know.

We Are Women;

Who Are Educated

Who Are Empowered

Who Exercise Our Right To Vote



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