• Dorothy Hayes

This Is My Heart I Share With You

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I am a creative and we see the world a little differently than others! I love to play-on-words that provoke a thought, spark conversations, and get messages across. Clothing, photography, poetry, music and food are the loves of my life! I want to use my kind of love to enlighten; dare to bring back to remembrance that at our core, we are spiritual and human. In essence, we are to be respected and honored no matter how unalike we are. I am in love with people; our multiplicities; our differences!

We are unique. Our world is a constantly evolving human ecosystem. We are all here on this planet, and there is nothing we can do about it. We must find a way to get along! So what are we going to do? This beautiful sweet life is a short one and we are just passing through. I want to spend each moment of my life operating fully in my gifts; serving, loving, and encouraging people. Each one of us has a gift. Believe it! It is unique and truly extraordinary and very much needed. We all have one shot at this life. Live it to the fullest and shoot your shot from wherever your sweet spot is on the floor.

Build bridges, Not Walls. The journey of life is not very different among us, but so many people believe that they are alone in their walk. The brand; the mission and vision; to use my gifts and work to bring about extraordinary connections across cultures. What is our purpose? What is our goal? How do we stay on path? We will build bridges and tear down the walls that keep us from linking together. We must think ahead, think forward.

Love One Another. As an individual, I have to constantly say, hey! “I am on purpose; each day, living up to my full and most high potential, wielding the sword of the spirit and never turning my back on the battlefield”. This is my heart and I share it with you.

In a world to be…Namaste Me!



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