Updated: Aug 3, 2019

October 1995, I was taking a shower and during my routine breast exam, I felt a little lump. I checked again, rinsed off, jumped out of the shower and called my doctor. He was not in my regular office, so I asked “where are you…how long will your be there…what time can I see you?”

After having the lumpectomy, my doctor said I should come to the office with my husband. He told me “I’ve got good news and bad news, which would you prefer first?” I told him it didn’t matter, I’m ready for whatever you have to tell me.

He said, I had cancer and to him, the good news was I would not need to have my breast removed. I told him if that would have been the case, then so be it! I underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My husband and I prayed and we asked God for strength and to help me through every step of the way! And yes, he stepped in and showed out! Now it’s been 23 years. THANK YOU JESUS, I’M STILL HERE AND NO CANCER! What a MIGHTY GOD I SERVE!

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