• Dorothy Hayes

From Survival Mode To Fully Activated

Across 100 years, women suffrage crusaders worked hard to secure our place in American society and to take us one step closer to complete equality throughout the land. Every time we enter the voting booth, we are accompanied by those beautiful-spirited, resilient, and courageous women who have gone before us. I can just hear them now, “I am with you sis, we will do it together.” These women were radical, driven, and by their convictions, yet countless women who have benefited from the 19th Amendment are unaware of the often extreme measures and unimaginable consequences during the years it took for women to achieve the long-sought after right to vote. They went from survival mode to fully activated!

By now, we should not be surprised by what we hear on the television news or read in the newspaper headlines. As women, we must educate ourselves and take advantage of our rights that were fought for by those who came before us. Emotional sound bites; bits and pieces of information are not enough for us to understand all of the issues that affect us, our families, and our businesses. Our issues are on the ballot and if we stay at home, it’s going to be rough! Sisters, women from every corner of this beautiful country, your vote is more powerful than any other time in history. We must bring our entire identity with us.

CALL TO ACTION: What if…each one of us called a friend, a neighbor, or connected with a stranger who we met on the way home, for whatever reason, is not going to register or vote, and we helped her to understand the process and current policies for which she may have questions, helped her register, took her with us to the polls or mailed her ballot, then the percentage of eligible women that voted would swiftly be almost every-woman. It is easy and as complicated as that.

Compliance will kill us. We have to go from survival mode to fully activated!


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