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Be Libré Outfitters

 [be] [/ˈli.bɹə/]

From French and Spanish libre (“free, at liberty”)


To be…free

It all started with a conversation over dinner (one of my most favorite activities) with an engineer (Dave), a computer guru (Kylaus), and a few of us high-tech business advisers (Dot, Toni, and Jae) in Maryland back in November 2016. Like me, Dave and his buddy love to play-on-words and come up with cool mottos and other sayings. They started a very successful t-shirt company and it grew like cray-cray with one very cool play-on-words. When Dave graduated, he sold the business to his friend. That got me to thinking about what I could do with all this crazy fun stuff I have collected over the years…thus the creation of Be Libré Outfitters (say it with me…be le-bree!).


In my travels and many conversations with people from every corner of the global, I realized something; people are not breathing! In other words, they are afraid to express who they are. I got to thinking (can be hazardous) and I said “self, put it on a high-quality shirt (and other cool stuff too) …spark a movement…help a bunch of people…have fun doing it!” Be Libré Outfitters was created to encourage people to step out and breathe. We are a groovy new clothing company concept that offers premium t-shirts with play-on-words; sparking movements.