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Love,  Be Libre` Outfitters


Who We Are

It all started with a conversation over dinner with some friends(one of our most favorite activities) about being creatives and using this superpower to change the world! During that conversation, it got me to thinking about what I could do with all this crazy fun witty material I have collected over the years. BOOM!  Be Libre’ Outfitters was born! (say it with me…be le-bree!). During my travels and the many conversations I had with people from every corner of the global, I realized something; people are not breathing! In other words, they are afraid to express who they are. I got to thinking (can be hazardous) and I said “self, put it on a high-quality shirt (and other cool stuff too) and spark a movement, help a bunch of people, and have fun doing it! Be Libre `Outfitters, Inc. was created to encourage people to step out and breathe.   

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